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Coral (Munga) -5.50 ct


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Coral (Munga)


Indian name: Munga

General details of Coral (Munga)

A Coral gemstone is biologically formed in the deep ocean and procured from Japan and Italy. It is dull naturally but once polished it radiates luster. Though found in many colours, Red Coral is most valued and appreciated for its beauty and properties. This gemstone is available in capsule, oval and triangle shapes. Coral is widely worn to have Successful Business and to enjoy a Happy Marital Life.


How it works?

Coral is ideal gemstone for a happy marital life. It helps overcome laziness and impatience.  With its positive vibrations, the wearer will benefit in matters of love, finance and business. It also increases physical strength and helps in treating stomach related diseases. People involved in the business of gold, steel, agriculture, land, and dentistry may expect growth and benefit after wearing this stone.

Celebrities Wearing Coral (Munga) Gemstone Ring:-   

  1. Pranab Mukherjee (President of India) 
  2. Abhishekh Bachchan (Actor) 
  3. Kareena Kapoor (Actress) 
  4. Emraan Hashmi (Actor)  
  5. Ekta Kapoor (Indian TV & Film Producer)


When to wear Coral (Munga) Ring?

For maximum effect, it should be worn on Index or Ring Finger between following times:

  • Tuesday: 9 am to 1:30 pm.
  • While Wearing Pray / Dharan Mantra - Om Angh Angarkay Namah


How to take care of your Ring?

  • To maintain the beauty and luster of the gemstone, the ring should be cleaned from the inside once in a month.
  • Dip the ring in lukewarm water mixed with mild liquid detergent for a minute and then gently brush it with a toothbrush.
  • Don?t use acidic or harsh detergent as it reduces the luster of the stone.
  • Save your ring and gemstone from being scratched by sharp edges and from falling.
  • Keep the ring away from heat and if need be, store it in room temperature conditions.

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